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One Campaign, Two Churches:

One Valley, One Community,
One Vision for the Future


For more than 20 years, the Parishes of the Valley have been “A Place to Belong”. St. Mary and St. Clare are parish communities with strong individual followings and distinct historical missions. St. Clare of Assisi, the patron of St. Clare’s parish and school, inspires its community to see God in all circumstances and people, to live in community, and to strive for the perfection of charity in concrete actions. St. Mary’s parish is a community of believers who bring grace to the Valley through modeling their incredible faith in their everyday lives. Two churches, one for each community to call its own, are needed to advance these missions.


donated so far



$9.5 million

$20 million

Proposed Plan 

The Parishes of the Valley are working toward constructing two new worship spaces in the Eagle County Valley.  St. Mary (Eagle) and St. Clare (Edwards) have exhausted and grown out of their limited space as the area is one of the fastest growing regions in western Colorado.

St. Mary

The plan for a new church to be constructed on nine acres of purchased land in Gypsum (approximately 3 miles west of Eagle on Hwy 6).  Phase I calls for a new church that will seat over 500 people.

St. Clare

The new church will be on purchased and zoned land directly next to St. Clare School.  The new church will comfortably seat 450+ people.

Why Now?

The communities within Eagle County comprise 80% of the population of the entire county. These densely populated areas (relative to the rest of the county) are expected to continue to grow dramatically by 2040. Our parish communities are already seeing this influx.

Our St. Mary’s parish is standing room every Mass, with parishioners even sitting outside near open windows. We are so grateful for their dedication to their faith and sharing in God’s word. And, St. Clare’s is still offering Mass, baptisms, first communions and all sacred events in the school gym, which it has done so for the last 23 years. We see more than 2,120 parishioners each Sunday to St. Clare’s, and our community continues to grow.

For both St. Clare and St. Mary, new church buildings present an essential opportunity for these parish communities to grow. For St. Clare, the ability to offer perpetual adoration, as an example, is an extraordinary lever for community transformation, more powerful than we may realize.

It is difficult to convey the transforming power a space of beauty can provide. It transcends cherished family and community events – weddings, baptisms, quinceañeras, Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve Mass. A space of beauty that honors the sacredness of our Faith and grounds us in our environment will allow for a greater shared sense of community to develop, strengthening our Catholic identity and our parishes’ well-being and encouraging a sense of wonder that will further our passion for attending to, taking care of, and celebrating the bonds of faith and community within the Valley.

Campaign prayer

Heavenly Father,

We praise and thank you for blessing us in so many ways, especially for the beautiful nature that surrounds us, and for the lasting community of faith that continues growing in the heights of these mountains.

We ask that your will be fulfilled as we begin this historic project of two new churches. We are confident that their presence will give you glory and benefit greatly our catholic community in Eagle Valley.

Guide us during this time of sacrifice, so that, with your help, we may generously give our time, talents, and treasure to this endeavor, keeping you always present in our hearts and minds.

Bless our journey, Lord God, so that through all our efforts, we may build that Church that you already planned for the generations to come.

We ask this through the intercession of our beloved patron saints who faithfully protect the Catholic parishes in the Valley. Saint Mary, our mother in heaven, Saint Clare of Assisi, and Saint Patrick.


Our Mission

As members of the Parishes of the Valley Community, we are called to…

  • Participate fully and actively with one another in prayer and Liturgy, going forth to witness to its spirit in our daily lives,
  • Foster and preserve a community where all are invited, welcomed, loved and appreciated,
  • Challenge ourselves constantly to see Christ within and among us,
  • Educate ourselves in the Scriptures and the Tradition of the Catholic Church, thereby developing the tools to share our faith,
  • Serve people in need, bring about justice where there is inequity, defend human dignity, and promote peace,
  • Recognize that parish leadership is the responsibility of the entire community and encourage members to answer that call.